Hotels in Haifa

Haifa, the third largest city in Israel, with the largest seaport and the most spectacular beaches active in a mixed cultural city. These are just a few of the many things that can be write about the city of Haifa, which is also a mixed tourist attraction, with authentic smells and markets and many cultural events available in the city and the high Carmel neighborhood with its breathtaking view over the natural bay where the city of Haifa, and the world center of the Bahá'í Faithful were blessed and in the center of Haifa is the Hadar neighborhood.

Hotels in Haifa , hotels in Carmel and hotels in the lower city or in the center of the city, Hadar, have high occupancy by Israelis and tourist, including vacation for couples and family holidays and the hospitality is divided between tourists who enjoy the central urban location and those wishing to travel in the north of Israel or by businessmen and by organized groups and youth delegations such as Taglit etc.
The Theodor Hotel, located in a central location in the city of Haifa, provides a good answers to all the hospitality issue at special prices, even to families who come for a trip to dozens of sites scattered throughout the city and to those interested in quiet and perfect vacation.